ISSUE 9: Humors / Invocation (the fluid text double issue)

Deadline  February 27th, 2013

Text is a visual representation of the written Language.  How would an artist take that representation of language and apply it to the body?  Katalog would like to publish your answer to this question.  How do you use Text in your performance work?
is looking for performance photos, videos and write ups on performances which incorporate bodily fluids, their concept, idea or inspiration.  
is an online publication with video and sound capabilities which is dedicated to the practice of performance and live art.  Each Issue deals with a different type of performance and in this issue we focus on artworks that deals with the object as an accompaniment or as the main focus of a performative work.  This call is open for artists from all disciplines from around the globe.  The online component of KATALOG makes it an international magazine that expands the audience of your work and allows it to be permanently available on our website. Submissions can be essays about your work, photos, audio or videos.  Just be sure to give us a bio about yourself and your artistic practices so people can identify you and your work.

KATALOG is published quarterly by the Central Canadian Center for Performance to create awareness and community for the art of performance. KATALOG is a free paperless performance publication, distributed free of charge and paid for out of pocket. We have an open submission policy and will gladly accept unsolicited contributions.  All work in KATALOG is donated, and no artist fees are paid at this time.  KATALOG reserves the right to publish all submitted work, however we retain no ownership or copyright over the submitted works.   KATALOG is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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PLEASE NOTE:  Due to a problem with our printing presses, we’ve had to delay issue 8. However any submissions for issue 8 will be included in this special double issue of KATALOG.  

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